Bi-fold Weapons Racks

Bi-fold Weapons Racks


Download New Weapons Solutions Brochure Here (PDF)

The Bi-Fold Gate Weapons Rack has all the same great features as the swing gate rack on the Stackable Weapons Rack but the bi-fold gate offers a space saving solution when aisle space and mobility are a challenge. The new space saving bi-fold gate saves you more than 31% in floor space.

• Padlockable
• Stackable
• Available in 4 Standard Heights (48”, 64.5”, 72” and 84”)

(48″H x 42″W x 15″D)

Sample Configurations ONLY are shown:

Shown with 20 X (M4’s)

(64.5″H x 42″W x 15″D)

Shown with 32 X (M4’s)

(72″H x 42″W x 15″D)

Shown with 16 X (M16)on bottom,16 X (M4) up top

3 X (M16), 2 X (870), 7 X (M4)

(84″H x 42″W x 15″D)

Shown with 24 X (M16)

30 x (M4)

2 Capacity Mobile Bases available

Racks are stackable
Racks can be secured side to side or back to back
Racks can be secured to wall and/or floor
Complete with ‘eyelets’ to chain firearms
Stores rifles with scopes & accessories
Built in Carry Handles

Optional Rapid Deployment bases available

84″ Bifold

Bifold Gated Rack with High Density Components and dropdown weapon shelf.

Storage up to (48) M4 Carbines in one unit.