Laptop Lockers

Laptop Lockers


laptop and pc lockers

*As a standard the locks are keyed differently. Master keys are
available and MUST be ordered at the time of
the original order. The locks can also be keyed the same.
Please specify your preference on your order.

Stackable Laptop Lockers
Our Stackable Laptop Lockers with or without the optional base is a cost efficient, modular solution designed to be used a as a powered or non-powered option.  If configured with power a 5-outlet power strip is included for each 5 lockers. Each compartment is vented and measures 7”H x 20”D x 17.75”W.
The optional base offers a more finished look and has storage capability below.  The lockers can be stacked up to 5 high on the base.  The lockers can also be secured to a work surface or floor without the optional base cabinet.
Minimum quanity order is 10 lockers and 2 base cabinets

Lock options:

locker lock options

Option 1:  New keyless locks, 4 digit combination lock

locker key system

Option 2:  Abloy Locks 
Where security is of most importance Abloy locks are a high security lock alternative to replace standard key locks.  Abloy locks are a high security lock option designed to meet the highest levels of security.  The superior benefits offered by Abloy locks make them ideally suited to the most demanding, high security applications where valuables are located behind small doors or enclosures. That’s why we offer them as an alternative to standard locks for our storage compartments.

laptop lockers

pc lockerssecure laptop lockers

The lockers can be secured to a work surface or floor without the optional base cabinet. Minimum quantity order is 10 lockers.


Desk Mount Laptop Locker



Laptop Locker Desk Mounted
The Dasco LAPTOP LOCKER is designed to be mounted horizontal or vertical to the top or underside of virtually any workstation. Units come complete with an ABLOY 3-point lock mechanism for extra security and cable access to allow for power up during storage.Units are also complete with an internal shelf/divider that is removable if required.#050-00170
O.D. 16.5” W x 15” D x 5.6”H
I.D. 15.4” W x 14” D x 4.5”H

Standard Finish:
Black Santex

desk mount laptop lockerdesktop laptop locker


Laptop Depot

Laptop depot
The Laptop Depot is the solution to store and hold smaller quantities of laptops. This scalable storage solution is ideal for classrooms providing accountability and easy access. Each unit is stackable and can be placed side by side without cord interference.
• Available as a 5, 8 and 10 capacity unit.
• Mount above or below a work surface.
• Locking door keeps contents secure.
• Ventilation pattern creates airflow for charging units provides maximum air flow for charging units.
• Can be converted into a cart.
• Available in different colors to match any decor.


Laptop Depot Cart


Laptop depot cart

• Stores 5, 8 and 10 capacity unit.
• Laminated top
• Storage Drawer for other peripherals.


Laptop Depot Tower

Laptop Depot Tower 2                    laptot depot tower

The Laptop Depot Tower provides a safe and easy way to store, charge and/or transport laptops in a school, government, training or corporate environment. Each unit is secured with a key lock to help ensure the security of the laptops. Some units can be ordered with basters to provide mobility and convenience.

Available in a 20 and 30-capacity size
20-capacity – 24 ¾”W x 22 ¾”D x 42 11/16”H
30-capacity – 24 ¾”W x 22 ¾”D x 59 11/16”H

• Laptop compartment size can accommodate up to 17” laptops.
• Ventilating design allows for natural airflow to aid in cooling when doors are closed.
• The body and doors are constructed of 18 and 20 gauge steel.
• The key lock is a single-point lock.
• Each unit features a 1- ¼” grommet on both sides for easy cable management.
• The lockable door retracts within the body of the unit to save valuable floor space.
• Available in different colors