Plug in Storage Systems Dock & Lock Cabinets

Plug in Storage Systems Dock & Lock Cabinets


The Dock & Lock® Security Cabinets are ideal for storing and safeguarding most models of laptops, tablets, PDAs, test equipment, radios, cell phones or any energy standby apparatus that needs to be charged and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Secure storage assists with controlling expenses, lower investments and improving your quality of service.

The Dock & Lock® Security Cabinets are available in several sizes and include power. The smaller capacity units are ideal for applications requiring secure and powered storage for just a few computers. Ideally suited for locations with limited space such as administrative offices, medical facilities, research centers and laboratories. Networking kits, pre-wiring and mobile bases are available options.

The Dock & Lock® Security Cabinets are also available for high density storage. These Laptop Storage Cabinets are ideal for locations that need to manage large numbers of computers, such as operations centers, maintenance dispatch centers, libraries, classrooms and training facilities. Each laptop cabinet has power for network connections, locking drawers and cooling fans. The large base compartment provides racks for mounting switches, routers or hubs and provides room for a UPS.

CA3252L20          CA4052L20

Some organizations require a high level of security while updating and recharging mobile assets. The Plug-in Storage Systems Dock and Lock Common Access Cabinets answer the call. The CA Cabinets feature CAC Manager Software, a Graphical User Interface application which manages the cabinet computer configuration, control, status, and activity log queries. The CA Cabinet solution is used by asset managers and network administrators who wish to ensure laptops and notebooks are current with the latest SDC versions and required security patches. The CA Cabinet ensures availability and operability of the organization’s assets, and provides for an efficient maintenance environment. The CAC Manager logs check-in and check-out activity for assets stored in the CA Cabinet. It also allows configuration of reports that can serve as hand receipts. This solution is being leveraged to help achieve Netcentric Operations and vulnerability management for mobile devices.

Common Access Cabinet