Stackable Weapons Racks

Stackable Weapons Racks


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Storage West Solutions offers the most flexible and versatile Weapons Storage Rack available. The Stackable Weapons Rack was designed to meet the need for flexible small arms storage. This weapons rack can secure your weapons vertically or horizontally with attached accessories such as scopes and grenade launchers. These racks are only 15″ deep and can be located anywhere that space is at a premium. The racks come with optional meshed security gates. Save space by stacking one rack on top of another. Easily configured or reconfigured when the need arises. Transporting these is a breeze. Place into a truck or van effortlessly. The racks can be stacked one on top of another & bolted together, bolted back to back (when stacked or singularly), bolted side by side (& back to back at the same time), bolted to the floor, or bolted to the wall.

Law Enforcement-Police/ Military
Correctional Facilities / Security

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* Optional meshed security gate (for ease of see through inventory)
* Security gates are specified with Abloy locks (Federally Approved)
* Houses carbines, assault rifles, shotguns, handguns, sniper rifles, PDW’s & hardware
* Store your rifles with attached accessories such as scopes and grenade launchers
* Your small arms can be housed vertically or horizontally in any order
* Store ammunition
* Modular components interchangeable with the Secure Weapons Cabinet and Expandable Weapons Rack
* Retractable work shelves are available
* Rifles & shotguns, etc. can be individually locked if required
* Deployment skid bases available
* Also available with Bi-Fold Security Gate (link

The Stackable Weapons Racks can hold any rifles, shotguns, pistols, radios, flashlights, night vision gear, and ammunition. Here is a list of some of the firearms it can hold:

* Handguns by Beretta, Browning, Colt, Glock using removable ‘handgun pacs’
* Colt M16’s
* Colt M4’s
* Steyr AUG A1
* Heckler & Kock MP5
* FN Manufacturing P90
* AK47 Kalashniov
* FN Manufacturing MN249 Machine Gun
* McMillan Bro Tac-50 Sniper Rifle
* Accuracy International AE Sniper Rifle
* Remington 7600P Patrol Rifle
* Remington 870P Police Shotgun
* 500 Mossberg Shotgun
* 590A Mossberg Pistol Grip Shotgun
* MK19
* MK12 Sniper Rifle
* M240B Machine Gun
* M249 Light Machine Gun
* Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun

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Stackable Weapon Racks 64.5″ + 48″
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2 Capacity Mobile Bases available
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M2 .50 Cal Machine Gun Rack

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64.5″ H shown configured to hold
(4) receivers
and (8) barrels securely along with pull out shelf